The Welcome Bonus is a Step Up From the Rest

Indonesian Casinos

The Indonesian Casinos has been a favorite destination of tourists in the world for many decades. With some of the finest beaches in the world, this tropical paradise appeals to thousands of tourists every year. With many casinos in this country you can choose from, there is something for everyone. You will find the largest number of luxury hotels here, which is why it is often called the land of the rising sun. However, with all this glitz and glamour there are some problems. A large proportion of these resorts have below standard standards, and many have no regulation regarding gambling.


One of the main problems with the Indonesian Casinos is the use of no-deposit bonuses and also known as bonus points. These bonuses do not encourage people to play their slot machines with real money; instead they encourage players to play through the bonus points until they get to cash out a big amount of money. This scheme is widely used by Indonesian Casinos, to increase their profits.


Another problem with Indonesian casinos is that they sometimes feature bad service, and poor gaming selection. Many times players do not receive the full benefits of their time and effort because the staff isn’t helpful, or the games are taking too long. With no-deposit bonuses they do not have to pay out more than fifty cents to join, so they end up leaving the casino with less money than when they started. Most of the time the websites also fail to mention that all winning transactions will be taxed, so you may find yourself paying more tax than you should. Online gambling is a controversial issue in Indonesia, mostly due to the presence of the three largest gambling houses in the country.


Although the government does not prohibit online gambling, many local businessmen see it as an avenue for immoral conduct and an intrusion into their livelihood. For this reason the government does not support online casinos, so it is not surprising that Indonesian casinos are mostly run by local businessmen. The main problem with gambling in Indonesia is the high incidence of fraud and cyber crime. Although there are numerous security measures in place, the Indonesian government has not been able to prevent the growth of internet gambling across the country.


All Indonesian online casinos need to apply for licenses from the Indonesian National Commission for Computer and Intellectual Property Implementation (NPCIP). Each year a list of approved gambling sites is published, and new ones are added. Recently three casinos have been added to the list, all of which are operated by local businessmen. These are Coral Casino, Slanget, and Regal Casino. None of the three casinos has ever been shut down, despite accusations of financial irregularity, and it is believed that all three are legitimate businesses.


As a gamer myself, I think that the introduction of such casinos is a step in the right direction. The idea is brilliant – offer players extra money in the hope that they will spend more on the site – but the execution is flawed by Indonesian standards. While the free welcome bonus sounds great, players must already be willing to part with at least some of their regular bankroll in order to even begin playing. And I’m sure that the vast majority of people who do get the welcome bonus are willing to part with more, thus ensuring that the casino can sustain its operation. But even with these problems, Indonesian online casinos are still a step up from the rest.